Vicious Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape | Extra Coarse | 4 Pcs 10" x 11"



Longboard Grip Tape | 4 pcs 10″ x 11″ | Extra Coarse | Easy To Apply | Fits All Boards

GRIPPIEST GRIPTAPE: Vicious Grip tape is the sharpest and most coarse grit grip tape on the market. We use premium 24 Grit Silicon Carbide which is sharper than standard Aluminum Oxide based grips. Superior grip for cornering, freeriding, speedboarding and sliding.
EASY TO APPLY: Each pack contains 4 pieces coated with Ultra Thick adhesive and the backing liner has 1″ markings. Whether you’re adding grip tape or replacing your previous grip tape, Vicious grip tape’s flexibly bonding layer lays down easy & holds on strong, even over irregular surfaces and curves.
FITS ALL BOARDS: Each pack contains 4 pieces that are 10″ x 11″ and a pack of stickers. You can continuously grip a board up to 44″ long using this pack and extend the grip using stickers as spacers between segments.
: Our extra-coarse grip tape sticks where others won’t! It can wrap around sharp edges, on top of old worn-out grip. Sticks to most smooth and textured surfaces. (Be sure to clean surfaces before applying!)

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If you remove pressure from the grip by relieving foot pressure, you will be able to move your feet.

Vicious is meant to grip. If you want to slip around - you might be in the wrong place. 

The 4 pack can fit a longboard 10" x 44" long or 11"x40" long if placed end-to-end.

If you have a board that is longer than that, we suggest using one (or more) of the included stickers to make a decorative gap. 

If you have a longer board than this, contact many resellers and retailers who may sell Vicious 11" wide rolls by the length.

Vicious can be used for anything you need more grip for. NASCAR uses it to hold pit-change tools better. We've been told it's used in aviation, for gun-grips in sharp shooting competitions.

Vicious is the go-to grip for many Last Mile Vehicles, like EUC's and OneWheels. 

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Black Vicious is 24 Grit.

Clear & Red Vicious are 30 Grit

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