OneWheel + XR Pint & Pint X Grip Tape Replacement | 2pc Die Cut Grip Set



OneWheel Grip Tape Replacement | Get More Control in 2 Minutes | Precision Die-Cut | Extra Coarse

  • Made for OneWheel: Two Precision Die-Cut Pieces are specifically made for OneWheel Plus, XR, Pint X standing platforms.
  • Grippiest Griptape: Vicious grip tape is the sharpest and most coarse grit grip tape on the market, offering the ultimate grip on your longboard or skateboard deck whether you’re sliding, drifting, carving, racing, down hilling, slalom, or freeriding.
  • Easy to apply: Improve your riding in only 2 minutes. Ultra thick adhesive allows you to stick Vicious grip tape on top of itself and your old worn out grip. Whether you’re adding grip tape or replacing your previous grip tape, Vicious grip tape lays down easy & holds on strong.
  • Create concave with Vicious! Vicious grip tape is flexible & Contour forming so you can fold the grip around the corners of your longboard or skateboard. Easily wraps around edges.
  • Premium Grip tape: Vicious is a premium manufacturer of longboard skateboard grip. We’ve been making grip since 2009!
  • Ultimate GRIP: see what makes Vicious grip tape a step above the rest by comparing Vicious OneWheel grip to brands like TFL, Craft&Ride or Jessup

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If you remove pressure from the grip by relieving foot pressure, you will be able to move your feet.

Vicious is meant to grip. If you want to slip around - you might be in the wrong place. 

Vicious Griptape is made to upgrade and replace OneWheel XR, OneWheel Plus, OneWheel Pint and OneWheel PintX stock grip tape. Our grip is precision die-cut for an exact fit.

Black Vicious is 24 Grit.

Clear & Red Vicious are 30 Grit

It Only Takes 2 Minutes to Apply

REALLY! Watch Now