The sharpest, grippiest, easiest to use griptape.

Extra-thick adhesive

Our adhesive is thick and sticky! When you get Vicious you can regrip over of your old stock griptape, on top of spray-on griptape, or even stack Vicious on top of itself to create concave features!

The sharpest grit – period.

Our sharp grit is the namesake of our product. Hands down, Vicious is the sharpest grit available and it will keep your feet stuck wherever you put it.

Contour Forming

Specially formulated to wrap edges, hug radial drops and any kind of concave feature you can stick it to. Vicious will fit any board shape – even around the edges.

What you need

3 Different Colors and 5 size options. We’ve got a size that will fit your needs.Make it classic black, bloody red or let your own graphic through with clear Vicious


Black, Red, Clear & Mix Packs


Industrial, Marine & Automotive

One Wheel Grip

Easy Install, Maximum Control for PINT, PINT X and XR


If your store carries longboards or personal electric vehicles, you need Vicious. We are the #1 choice for easy re-gripping & downhill.