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Vicious Griptape rider Will Royce has a lot of fun and while traveling and skating and everything is kept safe on his facebook page, these are our favorite videos,


Team Tuesday – Aidan Lynds

Team rider Aidan Lynds is a proud British Vancouver local. Guaranteed he knows all the good spots and will most likely be fast than you no matter where you are. It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to feature a video of good ol’ Stoney Lynds. But straight from our friends on the Island, the boys at Switchback Longboards released the raw”ish” run of Aidan down one of the local favorites. It should also be noted this was filmed with a camera, duct taped to the hood of a car and supported with a jacket…thats raw.


Team Tuesday – P-Swiss

Todays post really is about shinning some light on a man who honestly was BUILT for downhill skateboarding. Patrick Switzer is a man of many talents and skills but skateboarding is where he excels. He’s travelled the world and a champion and ambassador of the sport. He’s taught kids how to push, slide and stop. There are plenty of times it seems like there isn’t anything he can’t do. If you can’t tell…we love P-Swiss. He can be a bit of a nut, but at the end of the day he’s Pat.


This year Pat is on a role taking podium after podium and looking to be the 2nd IDF World Cup Serious Champion. With the IDF in it’s 2nd year competitors have a better understanding of the system and have a better idea what it takes to be #1. To be a champion it really does take a person to be on the peak performance and Patrick has shown no sign of weakening. Each event he’s been to this year he’s taken a podium and his determination shows.


We couldn’t be any more proud of him and wish him the best of luck for the rest of the year. Rather than posting a rad raw run video, or a podium photo we thought the best way to end this article with a video that brings smiles to our faces every time and hows Pat’s character pretty well…enjoy.


Team Tuesday – G-Mack

For years team rider George Mackenzie has been crushing skateboard and dominating hills. This dude can skate anything he put his feet on and it’s no surprise he’s finally gotten a pro model deck. Coming out of the factory from Rayne Longboards in North Vancouver, these all around free ride, downhill deck has pretty much everything you’d want in a deck. But enough talking about it…see for yourself!


Kevin Bouaich – Almost Raw

In case you haven’t noticed…2014 is the year of the “Raw Run”. I guess people have decided its better to saw raw footage of a single run down a hill instead of a chopped up edit and no clue if that rider actually made it down in one piece. This “Raw Run” is allllmost a raw run but they’ve edited it slightly in some of the corners to spice it up a bit. You can obviously tell Kevin rallied this road top to bottom no problem. It’s a nice, simple and clean edit that will for sure get you stoked and want to get on your board. Thanks Rayne for putting this one out!


Weekend – Wrap-up – Week 30

And just like that Vicious Team rider Patrick Switzer takes another podium for 2014! P-Swiss has been on top of his game this year…as always and has his eyes set for the #1 IDF spot for 2014. As a little fun fact for this Monday, Patrick has been to 4 IDF World Cup events and has been in the final for each of those events!


Qualifying started earlier last week and Pat stayed pretty consistent with his times for each run, qualifying 4th Not too far behind was another IDF World Champ contender and Vicious teammate Douglas Dalua who qualified 12th. Both men were no doubt going to be gunning for the podium finish and help boost their IDF rankings.

Kozakov2014_QualifyingTimesPhoto:DTC Wheels


As race day went on each heat seemed as though it was going to be a final. Dalua and P-Swiss both took 1st place is each of their heats leading them both into Semi-Final heats. Patrick’s semi heat ran first and placed 2nd narrowly behind fellow Rayne teammate Connor Ferguson. Dalua was next and due to some issues with the heat they chose to re-run it. Unfortunately during the re-run Dalua suffered from an injury to his ACL as was quickly moved off course. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he heals up quick!


Next after the semis and the course was clear, they sent down the final heat. It looked like Pat may take this one home but it was Sebastian Hertler who passed him in the last straight of the course followed closely by Connor Ferguson. Pat took home 3rd place and furthered his lead in the IDF rankings as #1.

Patrick_Switzer_Kozakov2014Photo: Jirka Livora



Dalua – Brazilian TV Commecial

Vicious Team rider Douglas Dalua is considered one of the most recognizable downhill long boarders in the world. He’s been featured on countless news stories, on TV and even has his documentary on NetFlix. As if he  wasn’t a celebrity in Brazil already, check out his latest TV appearance for an internet provider in Brazil.



If you’re curious about the making of the video be sure to also check our their behind the scenes edit.


G-Mack – Rayne Signature Series

Looks like our good friends at Rayne Longboards are at it again. This time releasing a killer signature series board designed by our very own G-Mack! This thing has pretty much everything you could possibly ask for in a downhill board. From racing to freeriding, this board is no doubt a board you want in your quiver. Check out the video Rayne recently released with George giving the low down on his new deck!